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welcome [Favorites] [Copy] [Share] [RSS] god never loses faith to the mankind, so never loses faith to god. -rickie-


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  • Real NameRickie Ganesha
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  • Birthday1988 Years 10 Month 26 Day
  • BirthplaceIndonesia South Sumatra
  • ProfessionDoctor
  • PositionResident Doctor
  • Making friends purposeshare something blast!
  • hobbybackpack travelling, biking, painting.
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  • let the game begin! #AsianGames2018 #EnergyOfAsia Reply
  • well just watched a thai BL movie, whats on my mind is.. what is "BL" stands for? any idea? Reply
  • Eid Mubarak for those who celebrate   Reply
  • need someone to lick n bite this damn fvcking dry lips   Reply
  • let's marvin gaye and get it on, until the dawn!  Reply
  • I care to you doesn't mean I like you. Reply
  • Ah so tired... Reply
  • good job kid! for a 13 y/o you making a sex video tape its a big effort. now I will wait you on my clinic until you got STD, and first before I cure you I'm gonna kicking your shit hole!!   Reply
  • sin - repent - repeat. Reply
  • gotta earn much more for this Ramadhan. God forgive this sinner. Reply
  • TIRED AS FUCK!! Reply
  • RIP AirAsia QZ8501. Reply
  • unfortunately i'm not superman. Reply
  • never waste ur sperm for a stupid abortion. if u dont wanna a baby find a condom / shot ur cum outside and swallow it all. next time u find me to abort a pregnancy I'm gonna make sure I kick ur shit!! Reply
  • damn I miss a holiday! and now when the holiday comes. i wanna do a lot of things. but in the end? i can only lay down my body on bed and slept      Reply
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edwin 2020-4-23 11:40
Edward I hope you are fine. Being a doctor is a hazardous but gratifying occupation. We are fine in Manila because there is great trust in our President who has instituted strong measures. Keep safe, even as you fulfill your duty. Eddy
thedrooom 2019-2-16 13:00
Thsnk yoo
edwin 2017-5-25 19:53
Dear Edward, Ramadan is coming, and in the South, my country is in turmoil. Thousands fleeing their homes, and becoming refugees. We hope that this situation is over soon. We place our trust in President Duterte, who comes from the South and is not a oligarch. Take care, Eddy Oreta, Manila, Philippines.
edwin 2017-4-1 19:43
edwardrickie: hei, dad!
I am okay, what about you?
its been a long time. I wish u are doing great!
Child, you promised to take care of me in my old age. Here I am, tottering and taking my teeth out at night, and the promised caregiver enjoying life.
shemade2004 2017-3-31 10:42
edwin 2017-3-11 21:24
Hi Edward, I hope you're fine. Edwin.
2 years ago, I read Siddartha Mukherjee's "The Emperor of All Maladies," astonishing. Last year the best was Harari's "A Short History of Humanoids," mesmerizing.
JULIO2567 2016-7-31 05:45
gadgetboi 2016-7-13 13:10
helllo!!! doc!
Chucky 2016-2-20 09:24
clarity 2015-9-2 13:04
edwardrickie: haluuw broo
from where?
Giemint 2015-8-25 14:46
Salam kenal Ka..  
clarity 2015-8-24 10:20
nagabumi 2015-1-20 00:10
hi....., nice to know you
putra12 2015-1-18 08:29
hallooo kak...
nagabumi 2015-1-9 02:32
hallo...., it's nice to know you
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